Manuel Tozzi is an austrian media artist & graphic designer based in Berlin. Currently studying at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, Manuel works in the fields of animation, artistic research, installation & audiovisual performance. He was been awarded a Youth Innovativ Award in 2014. Manuel Tozzi’s animation work takes inspiration from video games & science fiction. Solaris (2018) is an art installation described as an experience where the upstart meets the spark of ingenuity. The work has been premiered at the Tech Open Air Conference 2018 in Berlin. Surface Insider (2018)  has been exhibited at Schmiede Salzburg at Alte Saline, Austria.

2019, Seeker, Between Us Exhibition Berlin 
2019, U20Y24, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
2019, Data Decay, Automaton, Greenhouse Berlin
2018, Atlantyx - audiovisual Performance, Tech Open Air  Berlin 

2018, Surface Insider, Schmiede Salzburg
2018, Solaris Installation, TOA Berlin
2018, Atlantyx - audiovisual Performance, Alte Münze